Square Secrets Business is a complete Squarespace web design business blueprint.

Business strategy ✓ Marketing plan ✓ Processes ✓ Systems ✓ Confidence

You bring the web design skills. I’ll bring you a complete business strategy that will have you ready to begin working with clients and bringing in 💰

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I help aspiring Squarespace website designers turn that dream of running your own successful business into a reality!

I love nothing more than helping you build a business that supports you in a lifestyle you freaking love!

A few years ago I was just another newbie Squarespace designer clueless about starting my own business.

How do I find clients? Take payments? Gather content? Create a client experience that knocks socks off?

Now, 10k/month is my norm, my calendar is booked out months in advance, ideal clients beg me to squeeze in their project, and I’ve racked up a perfect record of 5 star client reviews.

I spent years working on trying to figure out how to build a successful Squarespace web design business, and now I’m giving you the exact blueprint so you can do the same - without all the trial and error!

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