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See the site Jessica built! 

What students say

“We are already back on the 1st page of Google and we just launched! We also received three excellent prospective client inquiries today (we just went live last night) and and one of the inquiries (who found us through Google) is a large whole family historic home remodel, which is totally our ideal project + client!

This course covered everything I was hoping to learn and then some. For eg., the content creation docs and guidance was unexpected and pretty much a game changer. I really appreciate the bonus trainings and info sprinkled throughout AND that Paige has taken the time to add updates. I super love how organized it is, and Paige gets right to the point with everything - there is no "fluff,” it's all actionable and helpful content. She also has a fun-spirited personality that makes binge watching the videos enjoyable!

If you take this course, you will basically have a step by step guide to show you how to do everything right the first time around. Not only will that save you tons of time, but it will also put you at ease knowing your website sells for you.

Having a website that you are confident in, and that your ideal clients are happy to hang out on, is something every business owner deserves!

Our new site builds our professional reputation, positions us as experts, shows off our beautiful projects and fantastic client reviews.

I'm thrilled to share our new company site with the world. It's already been a success after 1 day, I can't wait to see what happens in the next year. It turned out better than I could have expected, thank you Paige!”
- Jessica Johnson


“Before taking the course I just felt SUPER frustrated. I had built basic sites before using Squarespace, but always followed a given template and never felt like I actually knew how to change things. I knew I wanted my site to be good, but didn't know how I could achieve that without hiring someone.

(Now the site is launched) it’s already brought in an income within its first two weeks. I've managed to earn a great amount of passive income within days of launching and I've had people book in my services as they can now clearly see what I do. This was over the Christmas break so it was amazing to be earning money while on holiday! 

I've also had soooo many people ask "who built it for you" and then are shocked to find out that I did it myself.

I've paid 2x - 3x this for other courses and they have absolutely FAILED to deliver anything new. This was not stuff I could Google easily.

I felt like Paige actually WANTS you to succeed and finish and do the damn thing! She's not selling hope, she's selling real, practical advice that if you implement WILL get you your great site.

Having a website has finally allowed me to launch other things like my first eBook, an online course etc. It's also meant I can just send people there to see what I offer and prices rather than going back and forth over email or jumping on a call. 

Now, I’m excited to increase my online, passive income and free up even more time to spend with my young family.”
- Fiona Killackey


See the site Fiona built!

Square Secrets student Jennifer Bierds

“Before taking the course I wasn't sure that Square Secrets would be able to teach me much more than I already knew about Squarespace. (Spoiler alert: I was totally wrong!)

I am switching gears from accountant to web designer, and have had a slight lack of confidence in presenting myself as a designer.  I'm excited to show off my new site and I’m confident I can gain plenty of clients because my work will speak for itself.

I have taken many courses over the years, and this by far was the best value for the money.  I think about all of the content, the fact that it was step-by-step, so in detail, and how much I would've spent for say, a comparable college course. The cost of this course was so minimal compared to all of the great info received!

Now, I'm so excited to launch my Squarespace design business so that I can work from anywhere, on my schedule. I'm looking forward to moving away from boring accounting, to more creative design work!”
- Jennifer Bierds