You don't like showing people, especially potential clients, your current site because it doesn’t represent you and your business well at all!


It's time to make that old website of yours jealous!

And finally have a website that works as hard as you do!

Sound good to you? Perfect, you friend are in just the right place!

paige brunton building a new website on squarespace.jpg
sound familiar

You feel like your site looks cookie cutter and want to learn the advanced secrets to making a truly fabulous website.

You’re unsure how much info to share on your site, and how to organize your content in a way that makes visitors actually want to read it.

You don’t know if you’re picking the right template and are afraid the one you pick might limit you down the road.

You’re struggling with not being able to make your site look as amazing as you want in terms of graphics, fonts, and layouts.

When it comes to the layout, you don’t know how to create the clean, organized, logical site setup you’re dreaming of.

You're currently surrounded by all the free downloads and blog posts … yet you’re stuck in information overload phase, and still don’t even know where to start!

Past students built these.png

Imagine what it will feel like when you’ve put the finishing touches

on a site that perfectly reflects you and your business.

You’ll finally get to start creating content, connecting with potential clients, and bringing in the project bookings!


Why is Squarespace the best platform for creative entrepreneurs?

Squarespace has quickly become a go-to for creative entrepreneurs because it is so simple to use; it's an all-in-one, drag and drop site builder!

With Squarespace, you won't have to deal with tech melt-downs or security hacks, you'll spend exactly 0 minutes choosing between a sea of plugins, and there's no coding knowledge needed to make a truly killer site!

Learn how to master the Squarespace blocks and features (which I'll teach you) and you'll be able to easily create a completely customized site, with exactly the look and layout you've been dreaming of!
DSC_7163 copy 2.jpg


“How do I pick a template that’s a good fit for my type of business?”

“How do I use Squarespace to create the vision I have in my mind?”

"I want my site to show clients that I get them and their struggles, how do I do that?"

“How do I organize all the content on my site? Plus, how much is too much on a page?”

“Where should I even start?”


I know, there can be a LOT of questions and confusion if you’re starting to build a site for your business for the first time.

If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, get stuck part way, and never end up at the finish line, launching your new website that brings in new subscribers and clients daily!

Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to get started or make any progress at all!

Squarespace website on macbook.png

Let me just say, I so get it!

That’s why I’ve created my step by step course, Square Secrets!

Square Secrets logo

The most popular, advanced & comprehensive online course
teaching you how to build a Squarespace site that attracts your ideal clients 24/7!

ss course glamour shotpng.png
Square Secrets-48.png

This course is taught by a Squarespace trained and approved instructor!

Jessica Johnson.png

See the site Jessica built! 

What students say

“We are already back on the 1st page of Google and we just launched! We also received three excellent prospective client inquiries today (we just went live last night) and one of the inquiries (who found us through Google) is a large whole family historic home remodel, which is totally our ideal project + client!

This course covered everything I was hoping to learn and then some. For eg., the content creation docs and guidance was unexpected and pretty much a game changer. I really appreciate the bonus trainings and info sprinkled throughout AND that Paige has taken the time to add updates. I super love how organized it is, and Paige gets right to the point with everything - there is no "fluff,” it's all actionable and helpful content. She also has a fun-spirited personality that makes binge watching the videos enjoyable!

If you take this course, you will basically have a step by step guide to show you how to do everything right the first time around. Not only will that save you tons of time, but it will also put you at ease knowing your website sells for you.

Having a website that you are confident in, and that your ideal clients are happy to hang out on, is something every business owner deserves!

Our new site builds our professional reputation, positions us as experts, shows off our beautiful projects and fantastic client reviews.

I'm thrilled to share our new company site with the world. It's already been a success after 1 day, I can't wait to see what happens in the next year. It turned out better than I could have expected, thank you Paige!”
- Jessica Johnson


“Before taking the course I just felt SUPER frustrated. I had built basic sites before using Squarespace, but always followed a given template and never felt like I actually knew how to change things. I knew I wanted my site to be good, but didn't know how I could achieve that without hiring someone.

(Now the site is launched) it’s already brought in an income within its first two weeks. I've managed to earn a great amount of passive income within days of launching and I've had people book in my services as they can now clearly see what I do. This was over the Christmas break so it was amazing to be earning money while on holiday! 

I've also had soooo many people ask "who built it for you" and then are shocked to find out that I did it myself.

I've paid 2x - 3x this for other courses and they have absolutely FAILED to deliver anything new. This was not stuff I could Google easily.

I felt like Paige actually WANTS you to succeed and finish and do the damn thing! She's not selling hope, she's selling real, practical advice that if you implement WILL get you your great site.

Having a website has finally allowed me to launch other things like my first eBook, an online course etc. It's also meant I can just send people there to see what I offer and prices rather than going back and forth over email or jumping on a call. 

Now, I’m excited to increase my online, passive income and free up even more time to spend with my young family.”
- Fiona Killackey


See the site Fiona built!

Square Secrets student Jennifer Bierds

“Before taking the course I wasn't sure that Square Secrets would be able to teach me much more than I already knew about Squarespace. (Spoiler alert: I was totally wrong!)

I am switching gears from accountant to web designer, and have had a slight lack of confidence in presenting myself as a designer.  I'm excited to show off my new site and I’m confident I can gain plenty of clients because my work will speak for itself.

I have taken many courses over the years, and this by far was the best value for the money.  I think about all of the content, the fact that it was step-by-step, so in detail, and how much I would've spent for say, a comparable college course. The cost of this course was so minimal compared to all of the great info received!

Now, I'm so excited to launch my Squarespace design business so that I can work from anywhere, on my schedule. I'm looking forward to moving away from boring accounting, to more creative design work!”
- Jennifer Bierds


Before Square Secrets

  • Every time you go to work on your site you end up totally overwhelmed and straight up stressed! Halppp!

  • Client inquiries come in once in a blue moon, instead of in droves, uh, as they should be!

  • You’re accepting just about any client right now, because honestly, ideal clients are feeling like unicorns. “Where are they?! How DO I attract them?!”

  • You honestly hate marketing your business, mostly because you feel too embarrassed to send people to your site, in fact, you try to avoid them going to the site at all.


After Square Secrets

  • You finally feel able to direct potential clients to your site with confidence!

  • You know your site communicates exactly what you and your business are about, and that it will close the deal for you!

  • You can finally get back to the things you’re supposed to be focused on. Working for ideal clients, creating content and feeling like a real business owner!

  • “Uh, hello inquiries from ideal clients in my inbox daily, I was expecting you!" Woot woot!

keyboard, iPad and coffee mug on desk.jpg

Here’s what's included

Square Secrets modules laptop icon

8 Square Secrets modules

Square Secrets video lessons video icon

12 hours of video lessons

Square Secrets content planners file folder icon

6 page content planners

Square Secrets workbook clipboard icon

7 workbooks and checklists

Square Secrets Q&A vault safe icon

Access to the Q&A vault

Square Secrets tech tutorials desktop icon

Future tech tutorial updates

Square Secrets example sites desktop icon

175+ best practice example sites

Square Secrets recsource library icon

40+ recommended resources

Square Secrets bonuses paper and pen icon

6 bonus trainings


A comprehensive course covering everything you need to launch a site you truly love!

• Step-by-step instructions

• Couldn't-be-simpler tech tutorials

• Fill-in-the-blank resources

DSC_7004 copy.jpg


  • How to get inside your ideal client’s head + how to use this info on your site

  • Create your individualized site completion game plan


Module 1: Client Conversion Formula

  • Create #sitegoals and make a plan to incorporate them into your site design

  • Select SEO search terms, made super simple

  • Build your site journey game plan

  • Learn how to utilize inspiration sites (without copying) + set your personal site priorities


Module 2: Template Picking Blueprint

  • How 95% of Squarespace users pick templates, and why they’re all doing it wrong

  • Understanding the features and functions of Squarespace, and how it relates to picking the right template, the very first time!

  • My no-second-guessing, 3 step template picking system

Square Secrets-09.png

Module 3: Content Gathering Guide

  • Picture perfect photo guidelines + checklist

  • Quick + clear tagline writing recipe

  • Steal my page copy content planners

  • Footer content cheat sheet


Module 4: Design best practices

  • Learn site design best practices the pros use + the DIY dead giveaways to avoid

  • The keys to converting your ideal visitors into ideal subscribers and clients!

  • Real life examples of sites doing this so wrong and so right!

  • Access to the exclusive course Pinterest account with examples from the best in business


Module 5: Squarespace for beginners

  • Allll the video tech tutorials for complete site building beginners covering:

    • Creating your account + navigating around the Squarespace workspace

    • Using the Style Editor to set the mood and vibe of your site from the start

    • Meet the most common Squarespace blocks

    • Meet all the page type options

    • Learn how to arrange blocks on the page in a way that makes your site look nothing like the template, but instead completely custom

    • Design your footer and navigation for couldn’t-be-clearer site navigation

    • A quick guide to designing high-converting opt-in pages

    • Create your subscriber-winning popup and get clear on how to NOT annoy the Google Gods with this little marketing machine

    • Everything you need to know about blogging on Squarespace

    • A quick guide to premium Squarespace features

  • I’ll build an example page in-action so you can follow along exactly how all of these pieces fit together in real life


Module 6: Squarespace Secrets

  • Even more video tech tutorials to learn all the lesser known hacks and secrets of the platform, ensuring you become a Squarespace design pro!

    • The simple secret to creating grids that make creating complex page layouts a cinch

    • What an Index page is and why it’s about to be the secret sauce of your site designs

    • The 2-step trick to creating section background colors, without code!

    • Build on your Squarespace block basics knowledge with multiple advanced block hacks

    • What a summary block is, and why it’s going to be your new bestie

    • The way to completely automate scheduling all of those booking consult calls from ideal clients

  • I’ll build an example services page in-action so you can follow along exactly how all of these advanced secrets fit together in real life

Square Secrets-09.png

Module 7: SEO

  • Intro to the 3 main aspects that will get your site found through search results

  • Meet all the SEO setting option locations in your Squarespace workspace

  • The #1 step to beating your competition in search results

  • How to spring clean your way to a better search ranking

  • Squarespace SEO site checklist


Module 8: Launch Prep

  • How to tweak your site design for mobile & tablet optimization

  • How to give your site a pre-launch audit + checklist

  • The quick checklist you must run through before launching to the world to ensure all your site settings are sitting pretty

  • How to make your site GDPR-friendly!

  • How to link up your domain, snag a Squarespace discount and launch that site to the world!


Lemme just channel my inner Oprah for a minute ... 

"... did I hear someone say bonuses?"

Here's the included freebies!

Square Secrets-48.png
Square Secrets live calls desktop icon

Four live Q&A calls


Square Secrets ideal client training dartboard icon


Square Secrets ideal client training paper and pencil icon

Ideal Client Psychology Training

Square Secrets site graphics training paintbrush icon

how to design site graphics training

Square Secrets opt-in training paint swatch icon

Opt-in GIFT design+delivery traininG


You’ll be in good company inside . . .

The most popular, advanced & comprehensive Squarespace course!

450+ past students.png

happy graduated students


would recommend to a friend


Student Success

✓ Mariana completely booked out her virtual assistant services within 1 month and had the course pay for itself 6 times over!

✓ Jessica got her site on the 1st page of Google and then received an inquiry from her perfect, ideal client just 1 day after launching!

✓ Fiona began earning passive income and had clients booking her services within days of launching (all while she was on holiday)!

Paige and business friend cheers.jpg
Square Secrets student Freya-Rose Tanner

See the site Freya-Rose built! 

What students say

"Before Square Secrets I was completely overwhelmed by all the bits and pieces of what to do and I just didn't know what to do first! I knew there must be a way to organize all the website things but knew it would take forever to work out. I didn't want my website to take forever. I wanted to be shown the best way and do it!

I bought the course without thinking twice as from Paige's extensive blogging, I trusted her expertise.

Now, I'm really proud of how clearly I can communicate to my clients what I do on my website. Square Secrets helped me create not just my website, but get my whole business and messaging in order!

Since the course, I've now found that people now trust my service completely before even speaking with me!

Joining Square Secrets was the best choice I have made for my business. It has made me fast forward about a year of messing around and making mistakes.

If you think it is some boring computer tech course, you are completely wrong. Paige makes everything funny, relatable and a total ease. I now feel a million times more confident with not just my website, but in myself too!

Before Square Secrets, I lacked the confidence of being a website designer, though I had taken the leap away from the 9-5, I was also hiding at home believing I wasn't good enough to actually do this... But thank goodness Square Secrets found its way to me and has given me not just the technical skills but the biggest confidence boost!"

- Freya-Rose Tanner


Freya-Rose felt stuck in her job and life and wanted to try something new!

Freya-Rose now works online and travels simultaneously!
Watch to hear her story and course experience!


“The course changed my life and gave me the skills and drive to see my Squarespace design business as a "tangible" and "obtainable" concept.

I would NEVER have finished my site without taking this course and I looked forward to every video (my boyfriend even had to drag me away from my computer to eat because I was so engrossed and excited by ALL THE AMAZING CONTENT!)
- Reston Skinner

Square Secrets student Tracy Keough Spatz

See the site Jamie built!


“I'm a self-taught Squarespace user and I've been using the platform since 2014. While I absolutely loved it, I knew there were so many things I had yet to learn. My biggest fear in building sites prior to taking this course was that they were all looking cookie-cutter because I didn't really understand the secrets for customizing without using of code.

I view our site as the best piece I have for showing potential clients what we can do for them. It's sort of like hiring a personal trainer... I wouldn't feel comfortable signing up with someone who was out of shape. Same goes for hiring a web designer. New clients want validation that you're worth your salt and your own website is the first step in gaining their trust.

I can't even express how happy I am about signing up for this course! I showed my business partner all of the changes I’ve made to our site and she was beyond impressed. On a scale of 1-10 our confidence has went from a 6 to a solid 10!

I'm completely excited to see what the future brings! I believe that our improved website will help us score more projects, close more deals and get clients even more excited about working with us.”
- Jamie Tomassetti


Plus support in 4 live group Q+A calls with me to get all your questions answered!

paige answering students questions on live calls.jpg


The honest answer is, it all depends on you, your current situation and how much time you can find every week to do the work. Most students can complete all of the modules and launch their site to the world in 4 weeks.

Others with a heavier schedules might take a few extra weeks. But I want you to know that there is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time.

You have access to the course and all future updates for life, so no need to stress! 

Remember, this course isn't by any means a "quick fix".

This course is not about mindlessly slapping together a quick site.

This course will help you build a website that is going to be your best (unpaid) marketing employee that works for you around the clock for years to come.

Worth the initial time investment, right?



My goal is for you to launch your site in 4 weeks!

However, I know that life gets crazy, so if you're unable to launch in 4 weeks, you'll still have access to all of the course materials for life!

So you can either go with the pace of the group or go at your own pace, it's totally up to you to choose whatever schedule serves your life and your business best.
pink notebook and pen on desk.jpg
Paige Brunton - Squarespace expert and blogger.jpg


"well, uh, life is kinda busy right now..."

Girl I hear you! Buttt ....

There has never been a better time to start building the client-winning website for your business.

Why not start today instead of waiting another 6 months to a year for enrollment to open again?

How long has building a new site already been on your mind? Months? ...Years?!

If you wait, you’ll be in exactly the same place you are right now. 

6 months from now, you’ll wish you had taken the leap and started today!



  • Get started right away making true, valuable connections with ideal clients by having a website that is a perfect reflection of you and your business.

  • Bring in the bookings from ideal clients now, not 6 months from now - woot woot!

  • Start building an email list of potential clients who are genuinely interested in exactly what you have to offer!

  • Get to work on marketing already! No more dragging your feet on new marketing and networking opportunities, because deep down you’re secretly embarrassed to send people back to your site.

  • Cross that darn ‘build a new site’ off your to-do list once. and. for. all! So you can get back to the other 97 things on your to do list waiting for your attention.

  • Do a happy dance, let the site-building-stress go, and have a launch party! (Any excuse for a party, amiright?!)

  • Feel like the real, professional business owner you truly are!

squarespace website on gold macbook.png

At some point, you’re going to have to tackle the task of building a website.

And wouldn’t it be nice to have an expert there guiding you with a proven method so you know that your site is done correctly once and for all?!

Your business is begging you for a website that shows just how fabulous it truly is!

And there’s only so long you can go working on projects with clients who you aren’t a perfect fit for you before your excitement for your business wears down, one non-ideal client at a time.

paperclip and ipad on desk.jpg

But, I don’t have enough time....
At some point, you’re going to need to get around to building the site for your business, it’s unavoidable.

Plus, following a course that is step-by-step, which has every piece of the process covered and everything you need to know inside is going to shave a ton of time off what you would spend if you went it alone.

How much time do you think you’d need to spend scouring the internet through hit and miss content to learn design best practices, Squarespace tech skills, and conversion strategy? Yes, there’s lots of info out there in blogs, YouTube videos, and forum answers which you could piece together by yourself.

But, let’s be honest, piecing those resources together is something you truly don’t have time for!

Square Secrets is your shortcut to a client-winning website!

squarespace website on gold macbook.jpg

But, I don’t know if I’ll learn anything new…

If you’ve used Squarespace before and are unsure the course will teach you more than you already know, watch the video below!


This course is taught by a Squarespace trained and approved instructor!

Square Secrets student Christian Johnson

See the site Christian built! 


what students say

"Before Square Secrets I had a dozen or so unfinished websites that were never completed because I wasn't able to create the website I wanted.

I have been following Paige's life saving blog posts for a while now trying to get every bit of knowledge she has put out (freely) and when I heard she was teaching an 'ins-and-outs' Squarespace 'secrets' course I knew I had to jump on it!

I actually had the launch date marked in my calendar so I wouldn’t forget!

I wasn't even concerned about the price because I knew that what ever information Paige would teach would be worth every penny!

I've take a few other Squarespace courses. So I was already familiar with some of the features but that's it. The other course taught me about the basic features, but not the "secrets" to manipulating the design that I envisioned.

Paige is super charming and has a great sense of humor! They way she teaches is fun and interactive and not a snooozeeeeeee!

Now, I can expect to make web design a full time job earning double my salary while staying at home in my sweatpants :)”

- Christian Nondys Johnson


Less than 1 month after completing the site redesign, my virtual assistance services became booked out! I completely attribute this to all the things I learned from Square Secrets! 

I also went from just offering Virtual Assistance services to adding Squarespace design to my offerings. Recently, I got my downpayment for my first Squarespace design client! In just a few months, this course has paid for itself about 6 times over! Mind = Blown!

(Take the course and) you will get so much more than just a gorgeous website! You'll get a website that works for you, engages your dream clients and delights them all the way to the bank! You will get a thorough and expert guide who presents the materials in such an organized and easily digestible way. 

Also, Paige doesn't just teach you how to design and make it look gorgeous, but she also provides expert copywriting prompts and exercises on how to write your website. Have you noticed her copy game is 100% on-point? Well, you get to learn how to do it for yourself, and it's awesome!

I've taken other online courses for different topics, and this one is top-notch. Well-organized, well-presented, and easy to flow through and absorb. It's paid for itself time and time again!”
- Mariana Durst

Past Square Secrets student and virtual assistant.png

See the site Mariana built!


Will this course teach me how to be a web designer?

This course, Square Secrets, focuses on teaching you how to build truly unique, nothing-like-the-template Squarespace sites which convert visitors into paying clients! Which is, you know, kinda an important skill to have in order to be a successful web designer!

At the request of past students, I also created a second course, Square Secrets Business, which focuses how to actually build a successful web design business. In that course we go into creating packages of your services, setting your prices, marketing and finding ideal clients, managing projects with clients, the tax and legal aspects of running a web design business, and much more!

Many of our past students who are now web designers have taken both courses, Square Secrets to ensure they’re confident in the web design service they’ll be providing, and Square Secrets Business to learn how to set up the actual business side of things.

This course, Square Secrets, is the perfect place to start in order to feel confident with your web design skills before you go to build a web design business!
paige brunton preparing episodes of the online business besties podcast.jpg

What happens when I buy?

what happens after you enroll-make your payment.jpg

1. Make your payment

what happens after you enroll-create student login

2. Create student login

what happens after you enroll-access course curriculum.jpg

3. Access course

4. Get your learnin' on! 🤓




I wholeheartedly believe in the Square Secrets course, so I want you to feel confident in trying it out for yourself! That's why I have a 7 day money-back guarantee!

I want to give you the opportunity to take my methods and strategies for a test-drive, but I also want you to give your very best effort to apply all of the teachings in the Square Secrets course.

If at the end of 7 days you have decided that Square Secrets isn't the right fit for you for whatever reason, then your investment will be refunded to you, no questions asked.

Let’s be clear though, Square Secrets is a course for the go-getters who are ready to get after it and are excited to do the work involved with building a website!

My goals is for you to create a website that is a perfect reflection of you and your business. I’ll give you the strategies, methods and tech trainings, and you friend are responsible to follow through on doing the work! 

You can try Square Secrets for 7 days and if for any reason you don't feel it's a good fit for you, just ask for a refund.

pencil and sharpener.jpg

I help the creative entrepreneurs just like you go from website-dreaming to website-launching, so you can get back to running your business, creating content and booking dreamy clients.

A few years ago I was clueless in the website building department. Domain? Blocks? Index pages? … Uhh, come again?

I made it my mission to become an expert on Squarespace, and I did just that! Now I run the go-to Squarespace blog which has helped over 100,000 Squarespace users!

I also cracked the secret on building sites that connect with and convert ideal clients, so inquiries coming through my site are always from dream clients, and I can’t wait to show you how it’s done too!

I created this course because I know it’s hard to build a site yourself, but with step-by-step instructions and the right guidance and support, I just know you’ll be able to make a client-magnet website that helps take your business to the next level too!

I’m excited to see what you create in the course!


Oh, and I also just so happen to be one of the very first Squarespace Authorized Trainers! So you know you're in good hands. 🤓

Square Secrets-48.png
frequently asked questions

+ When does the course start and finish?

The course starts the minute you enroll! All the course content and modules will be immediately available to you, and you have access to the course materials for life!

There are 4 ‘active’ weeks of the course when the live Q+A calls will take place right after enrollment ends.

While the live Q+A calls run for 4 weeks, you have access to the course content for life, so there's no hard end date by which you need to finish.

+ How long do I have access to course materials?

The course content including videos, workbooks, checklists, instructions and all other resources are available to you year-round, for life!

+ What is the time commitment per week?

For the weeks that you're just going through the course lessons, I’d suggest setting aside 3-5 hours a week to watch the course videos, and complete the associated work.

When you actually go to build out your site, I’d set aside 1-2 days to dig in and get building!

Call up the babysitter, skip on the gym (just this once) and cancel your drinks with the girls, you have important business to do building that site!

But let’s be real, completing this massive part of your business in a matter of days, soooo worth it, amiright?!

+ What tech-wise do I need for the course?

First, you’ll want a solid internet connection. (If your connection at home runs at snail speed, take this as an opportunity to go swing by Starbs and indulge in one of their desserts-in-a-cup.)

You’ll also want a laptop or desktop computer when building your site. Trying to build a site while on a tablet or phone won’t work so well.

+ Do I get 1 on 1 access to you?

This is a group course, not a 1 on 1 program.

For the 4 active weeks of the course however, I invite you to ask me your questions directly during our live Q&A calls. (If you can’t make the call live, you can send in your questions in advance, and I’ll answer them on the Q&A video for you to watch later.)

+ Can I email/message you with questions?

Need help with the course portal or having trouble accessing the course materials? Send that email on over!

Have a question on the course content or questions specific to your site? Save those for the live Q&A calls where we can have a conversation and I can give you an answer tailored to your business.

Have a Squarespace tech issue or question? Squarespace live chat support will be able to lend a hand with that!

+ Is tech support included?

Tech support is not included with the course as this is a group program and not a 1-on-1 service. Not to worry though, you won't be up a creek all alone!

Every Squarespace free trial and paid plan comes with 24/7 tech support (via email and live chat) from the fine folks at Squarespace in NYC, Portland & Dublin. The tech support staff truly do know their stuff! They have hundreds of employees working around the clock and they're also able to login to the back end of your site, so they can identify issues and help give you fixes a lot quicker than this one-woman-show ever could.

I'll teach you the strategies and give you step-by-step tech tutorials. If for some reason things aren't quite working out, head to the Squarespace tech support and they'll give you a hand.

+ Is coding in the course?

No ma'am, this is a no-code-zone! I'll teach you all the hacks so it looks like you did some fancy coding, when really you didn't.

If you want to spice things up a bit on your site with some code, I'll point you in the direction of some paid options where you can buy code snippets (which you get support with, so you're not left alone with a bunch of funny jiberish you don't know what to do with!)

+ Is e-commerce online store builds in the course?

This course is specifically for service-based business owners, so we won't be covering Squarespaces e-commerce functionality. If the primary purpose of your site is to be an e-commerce online store, unfortunately this course isn't the right fit.


All of the course videos are recorded while using a Brine family template - the most functionality-rich of all the templates!


Though using a Brine family template is not mandatory to take the course, it's highly suggested you use it, not just because the course videos show you examples using it, but also because it's the best template family Squarespace currently offers. Every Squarespace designer I know these days is only using Brine family templates in their designs - and that says something!

If you choose to use a non-Brine family template, the vast majority of the course strategies, lessons and tutorials will still apply to you, though there will be some functions shown in the course that your template will not be able to achieve. Additionally, some steps will be slightly different to what is shown in the recorded videos.

+ What version of Squarespace does the course use?

All of the course videos will instruct you in the current version of Squarespace, version 7.0 which 99.9% of Squarespace websites are currently built on.

A beta version of Squarespace was recently released, version 7.1, which a select few Squarespace sites have began testing. Version 7.1 is not yet available to all users, is still being updated and fixed and does not yet have all the functionality of version 7.0. When version 7.1 is fully complete and released to all users, I will be updating all of the relevant course videos.

All current and past Square Secrets students will also get access to the new version of the course when it is released.

+ Will the course be advanced enough for me?

I'm going to let past students answer this one!

Many students previously had sites on Squarespace for years, others had built 10+ sites on Squarespace and even some past students had full-time jobs as Squarespace designers. All went through this course and EVERY ONE of them said they were still amazed with just how much new information they learned. They basically all said 'I didn't know what I didn't even know!' until they took the course.

This is the most comprehensive and advanced Squarespace course available online, so it doesn't get any more advanced than this!

Be sure to browse through the student testimonials on this page. A lot of them had the same concern that they already knew a fair bit about Squarespace and weren't sure the course would teach them anyting new, but thankfully that turned out to not be the case at all.

+ I'm new to business, am I ready for this?

There's 2 things I'd suggest you have down business-wise before joining the course.

You should know what services you plan to offer and you should have a rough idea of the type of people you want to have as clients.

We'll get crystal clear on our ideal clients together during the course, but having a rough idea to start with will be super helpful.

In terms of services, you'll need to decide on the services you'll be offering and write up the packages you want to offer yourself. You should complete this services bit before taking the course.

That's all you need to get started! Not so hard, right?

+ Paige, but I am really SO not tech savvy!

Gal, I get it. But lemme say, it’s 2019 and bad websites just won’t do anymore, so we have to find you some sort of solution!

If you have more money than time, then let’s chat about connecting you with a trusted Squarespace Design expert where they do ALL the tech stuff for you. If you have more time than money, then this, friend, is your best bet to get step-by-step video tech tutorials to make things as painless as possible.

+ Is this course right for me?

This course was built specifically for service-based creative entrepreneurs and small business owners. If your title sounds something like the following, then yes, this course was made with exactly you in mind!

Graphic Designer
Virtual Assistant
Aspiring Web Designer
Event Planner
Marketing Strategiest
Brand Strategist
Social Media Marketer
Digital Marketer
Interior Decorator
Venue Owner
Makeup Artist

+ Who is the course not for?

For this course my aim is to help service-based business owners.

If you run a product-based business and need Squarespace e-commerce online store functionality, unfortunately this course won't be a good fit.

+ I’m nervous to make the investment…

Let me say that I get it because I’ve also made some hellah-scary investments in my business in the past too. And you know what? Every single time, the educational resources, courses and programs I’ve invested in have ended up on my end-of-year reflection ‘time and money well spent’ lists.

The other honest truth is, bad websites don’t sell services and land clients. So I have to ask, how much business do you think your current website is losing you every month?

Still unsure? I asked past students to tell me their feelings on this statement "The course was worth the financial investment I made" Every. single. one. of them responded with 'strongly agree!'

Here's what students said about the investment in their own words:

"I have taken many courses over the years, and this by far was the best value for the money. The cost of this course was so minimal compared to all of the great info received!" - Jennifer

"I've bought a lot of online courses and this was definitely one of the best!" - Mary

"Worth every penny!" - Christian

+ Do I need to buy anything else?

You can make this site build as cheap or pricey as your budget allows.

There’s a few things that might come in handy which you can pay for such as stock photos, graphic design software, legal templates (privacy policy, terms and conditions), etc. Wherever possible, I'll point you to my fav places to get these items, some paid and some free.

None of those things are mandatory to complete the course however, it's all up to you.

+ Can I sign up anytime?

Enrollment is only open a couple weeks out of the year, so unless you want to be stuck in the same embarassing or non-existent website situation 6 months to a year from now … today is the day gal!

+ What is your refund policy?

If for whatever reason you're unhappy with your purchase, you may request a full refund within 7 days.

+ What currency is the course fee in?



Still undecided?

I asked students: "For someone on the fence about joining Square Secrets what would you say to them?"

They said ... 


“DO IT, DO IT, DO IT! From the first module, I knew Paige knew what she was on about and that this course would be WELL worth the money I'd invested. Stop spending time Googling, reading blog articles and searching YouTube for answers. This is a small amount to pay to get a site you LOVE. I started off doing the course in the evenings (in place on Netflix) and was implementing things immediately. I felt like finally I was making progress on a site I'd been sitting on for three years!!!”
- Fiona Killackey

“You can DIY yourself into oblivion trying to learn all the free techniques on YouTube or other blog posts but that still won't cover what Paige will teach you. Plus that's a lot of running around in circles trying to piece everything together when you could just take the course and have a step by step guide that you have a life time access to”
- Christian Nondys Johnson

“I have taken many courses over the years, and this by far was the best value for the money. I think about all of the content, the details Paige provides, and how much I would've spent for say, a comparable college course.  The cost of this course was so minimal compared to all of the great info received!”
- Jennifer Mager

“Do it! It's well worth the investment - you'll save a lot of time trying to figure everything out and it's more affordable than hiring a designer so you'll also some serious dollars. Paige is full of information and delivers it in an easy to digest, clear way and she really takes the time to answer questions for everyone, which isn't very common in other classes I have taken online.”
- Jessica Haines

“The fence you're sitting on divides mediocre Squarespace websites from the freaking amazing Squarespace websites. My advice would be to come on over to the freaking amazing side! I cannot believe how much I've learned from this course and I've been using the platform for almost 5 years now! The investment will be completely worth it, I can say that with confidence based on my own experience.”
- Jamie Tomassetti

“Joining Square Secrets was the best choice I have made for my business. It has made me fast forward about a year of messing around and making mistakes. If you think it is some boring computer tech course, you are completely wrong. Paige makes everything funny, relatable and a total ease. I now feel a million times more confident with not just my website, but in myself too!”
- Freya-Rose Tanner

“I would NEVER have finished my site without taking this course and I looked forward to every video. My boyfriend even had to drag me away from my computer a few nights to eat dinner because I was so engrossed and excited by ALL THE AMAZING CONTENT”
- Reston Skinner

“This is such an amazing investment. I started designing my site almost 10 months ago and it's seen sooo many iterations (like way too many). If I had access to Paige's course back then, I would have saved myself so much time and frustration. This course really opened my eyes to just how much you can do with Squarespace that I didn't realize was possible. You won't regret purchasing this course.”
- Lauren Taylar

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