“Now, I can expect to make web design a full time job earning double my salary while staying at home in my sweatpants :)” - Christian Nondys Johnson


Your course was the exact answer I had been praying for every day. After YEARS of trying to make it as an entrepreneur and ending up back in a 9-5 over and over again, last year I reached my breaking point. I vowed to myself I would figure it out once and for all. 

The course has completely revolutionized my understanding on running a web design business, I know exactly what I need to do and have the resources on how to do it. I will no longer make costly mistakes with clients and I have a very clear understanding of how to actually schedule my time and what I should be focusing on and when. 

I truly feel I am now on the right path to actually achieving my goal of being booked 3 months in advance. I truly cannot thank you enough for creating this course, it has changed my life.

If you are serious about running a business as a web designer, you MUST take this course. Notice I didn't say "should" or "might want to" - I'm saying you MUST. And I'm saying that from the bottom of my heart. This is hands-down the best online course I've taken.” - Amber Shannon

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“My husband and I started a web design company last year while living abroad. We immediately got a lot of clients (albeit low paying) and were able to develop a great portfolio, but then we found ourselves stuck as to how to really take this business to the next level. 

This course has helped us crystallize a plan of action for the year. My confidence has truly skyrocketed. Paige really helped me overcome my 'fraudy' feelings about being self-taught in this business.

We have already doubled our prices and expect to easily fill our calendar in the next year.” - Shay Schindler