Whooops, I forgot to introduce myself!

I'm Paige, a roaming web designer, blogger and online educator. I'm from Toronto but I run my business from the road as a digital nomad. Frozen margs are my drink of choice and I'm always game for Taco Tuesday!

4 years back I had a dream to start a travel blog. I knew how to travel already, but knew a whole lotta nothing about website building.

Now, I'm now a web design expert, running a go-to web design blog that has helped over 100,000 readers! I've turned my own, my clients and my students sites into 24/7 marketing machines that sell out services consistently!

And now I'd love to help you too! My hair might be big, but it's not full of secrets! I'm sharing all my secrets in my upcoming free training! So what are you waiting for?! Save your seat to the training now!

Excited to see ya there!

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